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Intergenerational Planning

intensive, boutique-level client service

With privilege comes responsibility, and creating a lasting legacy means helping our clients’ families learn how to manage the considerable responsibility that comes with wealth, while maintaining an appreciation of shared values. Our specialists work closely with families to facilitate intergenerational wealth understanding, and develop strategies to successfully sustain their net worth and levels of accomplishment across successive generations.

We accomplish this by guiding families to embrace a stewardship outlook toward appreciating and protecting wealth, and building and nurturing constructive values around it. Having a comprehensive wealth management model is key to integrating all family governance objectives—from financial and estate planning to business and succession planning, philanthropy, education, and more. This holistic approach instills a vital discipline and inclusiveness that helps ensure that future generations maintain their commitment to managing wealth in a consistent and responsible manner.

Source Financial Advisors specialists work with families on wealth management plans that encompass:

Clarifying family values and mission statements
Family business valuation
Succession planning
Intergenerational investment policies that span generational needs
Governance arrangements
Estate planning
Philanthropic commitments and flexibility

Successful family stewardship requires a structured approach using specialist experience to facilitate an integrated planning process, as well as the experience to understand the complexities surrounding family dynamics and wealth management.